Oh yes I love some Halloween and obviously my office staff does too!!!!  We like to have a costume contest every year for patients and staff and give away prizes.  We decorate and turn it into a fun day at the office.  How much fun is dressing up in costumes…. really????  I am posting some of our silly pics from the day.  Thanks to all of our patients that came by and participated as well!


Dr Angela

Gabriela and Garey

Gabriela and Donetta

Vidya and Dr Angela

Gabriela, Vidya, Dr Angela





  1. Karla Szafranek


    You have become the most beautiful woman…..I know how proud your Dad is….you probably don’t remember me, but I have always have you in my thoughts, as dear as you father has been to me. The mere limited time we spent togther on our Florida road trip, I still cheerish the time with you and your Dad.

    I really want to wish the best for your wedding and your lifetime of hapiness. It is a true reflection of your father and the love he has for life…….

    God bless…..

    Kindest regards always,

    Karla Szafranek 🙂

  2. Kim Cleland

    Dr.Angela is Awesome !!! Her Staff is great also.

    • Thanks so much Kim, I really appreciate the kind words!!!!!

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