Okay so some people do not think that what you wear to work out in makes a difference.  I have a very differing opinion.  I feel that to “want” to work out you have to feel good.  I will admit that I do not wake up every day wanting and looking forward to working out; sometimes it is the last thing I want to do!  Other times I have to force myself and literally drag my body into the gym.  Shocking I know to think that someone is not excited about going to the gym every day, haha!

Nike Dry Fit Wool

Nike Dry Fit Wool

I feel that the clothing and gear that is worn needs to be comfortable, productive and look good which will make someone feel more confident.

As far as comfortable goes, a sports bra for us ladies is a must for comfort.  If it is too tight, too big, too elastic, pinching then a workout can be cut short because it is just uncomfortable.  I think that the right sports bra is a must for women for working out and really depends on each person and especially the size of each woman.  For larger breasted women there needs to be more support than for smaller breasted women.  Also it helps if they have more elastic so they move better.  I have a particular one I love that even has adjustable straps that make it even more functional.  The sports bras with dry wicking I find are better than others too, really any clothing that someone is sweating in is best if it has dry wicking to it.

Under Armour Sports Bra

Under Armour Sports Bra

As far as shirts go if it is too loose then it can get in the way of certain exercises or other functions.  If it is too tight then it can be uncomfortable.  I think with shirts it is more personal preference of what people like and feel comfortable in but again I will reiterate the fact of having dry wicking in whichever kind of shirt is worn.

When speaking of shorts and or pants that are worn it can depend on the type of exercise.  Most people that are doing exercises where there is much movement like soccer, running, rock climbing, tennis etc. then it is important that there is enough give in the fabric or that there are shorts/skirts to where there is enough movement.  If the weather is cold while people are doing exercises outside then people will want to wear longer pants with fabrics that will keep their muscles warm.  I personally prefer the dry wicking with any shorts or pants as well.

As far as socks and shoes go the list is endless.  There are plenty of socks that have different levels of support from light, moderate and heavy support.  I recommend having some support at all times in socks.  As far as shoes go, sometimes it again depends on the exercise.  Running, hiking, ballet and rock climbing will all need different pairs of shoes.  But as long as the shoes are a close toe shoe then I recommend having inserts into the shoes to decrease the shock absorption to decrease the amount of stress on the joints and back.  We use foot levelers inserts for our patients after their foot has been laser scanned into the computer and a personal soft orthotic made to correct for any issues going on in the feet.  Some of these soft orthotic inserts can decrease the shock absorbency up to 50%, this is huge and your body will thank you!

Lulu Lemon Running Shorts

Lulu Lemon Running Shorts

Let us face it, there is some workout gear that crazy expensive and some that is really cheap.  I think anything that is on sale is always great!!!!  There are some brands that I like that are reasonably priced like Under Armor that have the dry wicking and keep muscles dry & warm.  Under armour has my personal favorite sports bra with adjustable straps.  I also love Lulu lemon pants which are expensive.  The reason I think they are worth the money is because they can be washed and dried numerous times and they still fit and look like they are brand new.  I have had other yoga pants & running pants/shorts that have fallen apart or faded after a few washes.  I personally love the thorlo support socks with pads for the heels and toes, since I am on my feet all day I actually wear these on a regular basis.  As far as heavy exercising including 6-8 hours then I prefer swiftwick socks or merino wool hiking support socks.

Thorlo Socks

Thorlo Socks



No matter what your exercise is of choice or if just working out at gym inside, make sure that you are equipped with the correct outfit and gear.  Most of all make sure you feel comfortable and confident and you will be happier about your exercising.



Let’s get moving & exercising,

Dr A




























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