Maybe you want to look good for your crush or are newly single & looking for a date.  There could be a special occasion coming up…. Valentine’s Day IS around the corner!  Or maybe you just want (as we say back home) get your Mojo working.  We are women & we want to feel pretty for no reason sometimes.  I have a lot of people ask me what I do and for beauty tips.  So here are some of my MUSTs for you.

1.  Smile, smile, smile.  I repeat… smile!!!!!  People are always drawn to positive energy and to happy people. Think about it, gorgeous stud muffin at the bar is going to talk to a smiling woman because she comes across as more approachable… and niceJ  Honestly who would try to strike up a conversation with someone frowning…. I definitely would not.  Also when you put a smile on it makes you happy and you just are in a better mood.  Smiling not only can help you land Mr. Dreamboat but also help in the workplace.  People like being surrounded by happy people all the time which includes working hours.  It also makes the work day go by faster if everyone is happy and getting along and in a good mood.  I personally will hire smiling happy people over people that are not.  I think that smile wrinkles are the only wrinkles definitely worth getting and keeping!  And happy people live longer lives, what more needs to be said

2.  Illuminating creams/powders.  These are fabulous and I seriously don’t know how I ever lived without them!!!  If you have any imperfections in your skin (discoloration, scars, pimple etc.) the cream will reflect light off of it which helps conceal these issues.  Not only is it great at concealing but it does give your skin kind of a highlight shimmer and a glow about you.  A healthy beautiful glow can certainly help attract the perfect man or coworker.  You can use it 2 ways, either mix it in with your lotion for an allover subtle shimmer or use it alone on cheekbones, bridge of nose and even the hair border of your forehead.  Be careful when applying it though because depending on your lighting & which one you are using you may not be able to see it.  If you can’t or at least until you get the hang of it go out in the sunlight with a mirror to check.  If it’s night time then just get a very bright light or lamp to get near.  My 2 faves are Nars Orgasm cream (has more of a pinkish color) and Moonbeam by Benefit (more of an ivory color).


Nars Orgasm Illuminating Cream

Moon Beam Illuminating Liquid

Moon Beam Illuminating Liquid

3.  Oil!!!  Anyone who knows me know that I LOVE oil!!!!  I think it’s great to use on your skin.  I personally use organic jojoba oil before I get out of the shower.  It makes your skin so soft & your man will love caressing your skin.  I also oil for my hair.  There are numerous oils out there that have Moroccan oil, Argon oil, and even some with Keratin mixed with it.  I think the oil really helps to strengthen your hair and also gives it a nice sheen…. Plus smells good!  Who doesn’t want to be near someone who smells good?

Lash Extensioin

Lash Extensions

4.  Who loves lashes…. I do!!!!!!!  I admit to the love of the falsies!!!!  I think if anyone who is pressed for time getting ready like I usually am then these are the way to go.  Many days I will just throw lip gloss & bronzer on & go.  If the eyelash extensions are done correctly then they don’t look fake if you’re worried about that.  Usually the lash technician will customize length, size, and fullness to what you desire.  It is a lengthy process to get done but once done the touch ups are short, easy and done every 3 weeks.  The saying the eyes are the windows to the soul speaks volumes.  Women can easily attract a man by batting some lovely lashes at them.  The lashes will also make the eyes pop and give a look of natural eyeliner so no eyeliner needed (even more time saved while getting ready for the perfect date).

 5.  Just call me red!!!  Some days just call for some red lipstick!  The brighter bolder the better!  Nothing speaks confidence like some bright red lips.  I personally use the Kate Moss brand that I purchase at Walgreens.  If ever wanting to impress or come across confident maybe while asking your boss for a raise then wear some bright red lipstick.  It will yell out Strong and Confident before you even have to open your red lips!  I also know about a study with men subconsciously being around specific colors and it is proven that the color red makes them weak.  So when you’re ready to ask your husband for a new car or new house…. Put on your red!

Great Red Lipstick

Great Red Lipstick

6.  Lastly feeling good & confident is EVERYTHING!!!!  If you feel good you will look good and attract that Prince Charming or Perfect Boss.  If you feel beautiful then you are beautiful and everyone else will see this and feel the same about you.  Go on and rock your beautiful amazing self and get that Mojo going!!!!

                                                                                                                     Dr A

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